According to Gamespot, Twitch announced plans to launch the “Ads Incentive Program.” This program would be able to make streamers achieve their dream of being able to work full-time.

The program planned to assign the streamer a certain amount of hours to stream and run ads in that time. However, with this article being deleted, it is unclear whether or not this topic will resurface. To clarify the opportunity, Twitch said, “We know how important reliable monthly income is to creators. That’s why, today, we’re introducing predictability into a revenue source that rarely provides it: ads… The goal is simple: help you earn a more predictable monthly income through ads, with no ceiling on earning potential.”

Along with the statement, they elaborated that the program was made to give creators the chance to have a predictable income with no ceiling. Creators running ads would also mean more transparency and creative control. After completing the offer, payment would be paid out at the end of the month. Creators even have the chance to drop out and still earn for the hours they worked.



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