Destiny Banned on Twitch For Unknown Reasoning


Recurring Scuffed Podcast guest and Twitch Streamer Steven ‘Destiny’ Bonnel has been banned from Twitch. This isn’t Destiny’s first time to run into a ban, as he and Twitch butt heads in 2020 after the platform claimed that the streamer was “encouraging violence” which resulted in him losing his partnership status.

Destiny’s content has always been polarizing due to the nature of what it is. Destiny’s takes on stream regarding politics have been a force that has helped him climb to the top of subreddits and has been a reason as to why he is the root of conversation for many on Twitter. However, on March 23rd, when viewers went to Destiny’s twitch for his typical stream, these fans were met by a new screen, one describing that the streamer had been banned.

Due to Destiny not being partnered, he instead went to YouTube for his usual stream. During this stream, he tackles the topic of Twitch never being clear to creators over the reason why they were banned.


“[Twitch] said that a violation occurred on stream, and then the three possible things they gave were: posting a combination of words and emotes in chat to promote denigration based on race, praising or supporting a hate crime. And then the third one, this would blow my mind if it’s the third one, ‘advocating for the exclusion of a group of people based on their disability.’ There’s no way right?”


Along with the reason, the length also has been yet to be disclosed to the public. But this article will be updated as soon as that information comes forward.



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