Ludwig’s Editor Calls Out Twitch Employee:

On March 15th, Twitter user and Ludwig’s Editor @Radstads took to Twitter with accusations that a Twitch/Amazon employee named Chrisitian Bishop was stealing work from numerous creators for an eSports related media group called @eSports. Additionally Radstads states that any attempt to talk about the issue with the Twitch/Amazon employee went ignored, and his own attempt was met with a Twitter block.

A Disrespectful Response:

Following this call out, many in the community took the replies to show their support. Additionally, after some backlash from the community, Radstads shared alleged messages with an employee of @eSports who allegedly called Radstads a “fucking nobody”.

Twitch Employee Privates Account & Allegedly Mass Blocked:

After his call out, the Twitch/Amazon employee Chrisitian Bishop, Privated his Twitter account for a bit.  However, this was not before he alleged set up a Twitter bot to automatically block anybody who interacted with Radstads’s tweet.

Ludwig Calls Out Twitch:

Ludwig, seeing the situation with his editor, decided to speak out as well. On Twitter the influencer said: “yo, wtf @Twitch can you get this headass to stop stealing people’s work ???”

Ludwig also took the opportunity to speak about the situation on his stream.

@eSports Deleted All Content On Its Account:

Following serious backlash from both fans and influencers, eSports decided to nuke their TikTok account, removing the alleged stolen content in the process. Radstads shared the following in reaction:

@eSports Apologized For Their Misconduct:

Eventually, @eSports issued an apology, saying that they “messed up” and that they are “deeply sorry”.

Sponsorship Pulls Out:

As a result of the backlash, @eSports is now losing sponsors. GGWP Academy, an education and Creator Marketplace service for streamers and content creators, took to Twitter to announced that they are no longer working with @eSports. On Twitter the sponsor shared: “Following an investigation, as of 2:39 PM (AEDT), we have terminated our partnership with”  […] “we [do not] condone disrespect towards any content creator, big or small. Relationships start with mutual respect and we stand by this.”

Amazon & Twitch’s Stance?

As of now, Amazon nor Twitch have responded to the situation. As soon as they do, this article will be updated.


  • March 19th, 2022 @ 12:55 PM EST: In response to situation, the CEO of GGWP Academy provided #DramaAlert the following statement:

“The way treated content creators actively goes against our vision and mission to create a community where creators are given a great foundation to succeed and are empowered to own and use their content as they see fit whether that’s to share it with permission or monetize it. We’re building a space of education and greater professionalism where creators can find opportunities, and that can only be done with the help of creators and proper content attribution.”

– Jacqueline Garrett, CEO of GGWP Academy


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