Dr. Disrespect Responds To Boxing Call Out

Following the fight between Harley from EpicMealTime and EgoRaptor from GameGrumps, an adrenaline-pumped Harley decided to call out the 2-time champion, Dr. Disrespect to a boxing match, and after days of waiting, Dr. Disrespect responded to the boxing call out.

“I only used about 20% of my abilities. I would like to exercise the remaining 80%. I wanna fight someone bigger, I want them to know it’s going down, The Doc I’m talking to you. I’m 6ft 6, you think you’re tough, you think you’re the 2 time, this ain’t a game boy and lemme tell you something that bulletproof vest you wear ain’t gonna stop these guns.” – Harley

During his stream today, Dr. Disrespect finally responded to this call out, but the answer isn’t one that Harley will be taking lightly.

“how many times do we have to talk about this […] how many times do we have to talk about this […] Do we not understand the difference in athletic ability, in terms of footwork, eye hand coordination and speed, and aggretion and jawline maneuverability, thats like going on Youtube and watching some 5 ft 3 kid drain a 3 point shot and go “woah, this guy could ball man, hey doc this guy wants to go 1 on 1 man, you gonna play him? ”

– Dr Disrespect

After seeing the response Harley took to Instagram to respond to the claims. His response hints that a fight between him and the Doc might be possible if the fight is in the “100 Million Dollars” range. However, whether or not this amount guarantees a fight has not been publically confirmed by Dr. Disrespct or his team.

This also begs the question, of whether or not we’ll ever see the Doc in the ring, after the countless call-outs that have been directed his way, will Harley be that tipping point that gets him in the ring?



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