FaZe Clan has announced a partnership today with a crypto/NFT partner called Moonpay. Influencers across social media who promote NFTs have been under fire for the past few months as the reception to what FaZe Clan calls “the metaverse” is mixed at best. The gaming organization claimed their first wave of NFTs are created by artists from their own community.

“Art Basel, the FaZe way Shout out to @moonpay for helping us put on an unforgettable night in Miami” – @FaZeClan

Companies like Meta (formerly Facebook) have paved the way for what many call the next evolution in social connection. As time passes, more brands will inevitably join the wave. An NFT might turn out to be the perfect gift this Christmas season as traditional goods can be stolen. Just ask Tana Mongeau, who recently lost 7,000 in gifts.