Floyd Mayweather Money Kicks

Floyd Mayweather calls off exhibition vs Money Kicks

‘Money’ Mayweather vs Money Kicks

The exhibition bout between Floyd Mayweather and Money Kicks had been planned to take place atop the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai on February 20th. Talks have broken down between the two camps and both boxers will now look for alternative opponents for their next fight.

One opponent for Money Kicks is fellow YouTube boxer Jarvis Khattri (formerly ‘FaZe Jarvis’). Mirror Fighting’s Donagh Corby reports that Showstar is “making a big push” for the fight to take place on their “UK va USA” event on March 5th:

Floyd Mayweather’s next fight location, the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai

Mayweather reportedly still hopes to take part in an exhibition bout on the same date and location. He is running out of time as the search for a late replacement continues with just over a week to go until the event. This was also offered to Logan Paul, who quickly turned it down after allegedly not receiving payment from Mayweather from their fight last year:


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