On Jun 16th, 2022, the gaming drink company GFUEL managed to find itself at the center of controversy following the abrupt departure of a few employees. This story first broke at around 2:45 pm EST, with the now former GFUEL employees taking to Twitter to announce their leave from the company.

News of the ordeal quickly spread amongst the community once a few Twitter users began to speak out on the matter. One of the first to speak on the matter was Twitter user @Tanzer. On Twitter, Tanzer claimed that GFUEL ‘cold call’ fired the employees. Additionally, Tanzer revealed his own alleged experience with the company, where he claims he had to “beg” to get his final two months of pay.

Furthermore, @Tanzer was not the only person to speak out regarding GFUEL. On Twitter, streamer @Azhbruh revealed that he was allegedly banned from GFUEL’s Twitch chat for asking about the situation.

On Twitter, Azhbruh revealed that he allegedly attempted to chat via Twitch to GFUEL’s CEO as he was concerned. On that matter, he claimed that he was afraid of a loss of income, as his GFUEL partner manager was no longer a part of the gaming drink company. “what am I suppose to do now??”, he tweeted in frustration.

Following this news breaking, rumors of an alleged ‘slur’ usage by an upper figure at GFUEL began to spread. On this matter, eSports reporter JakeLucky reported that he was told: “shortly after the upper figure from G Fuel used the derogatory remarks and slur, some employees in the call sent complaints to HR, and within 24 hours all 7 managers were fired”.

It is unclear if such a rumor is true, however, GFUEL has yet to publically address the matter. #DramaAlert reached out to GFUEL for a public statement, yet, as of now, none was provided.

This story is still developing.