Valkyrae Reveal's She's Been Challenged To A Boxing Match

Rachell  ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter is a woman with many hats, from esports org co-owner, Twitch superstar turned Youtube Streamer, music video star, ex-makeup ambassador, and now possibly boxer after Valkyrae reveals she’s been challenged to a boxing match.

Following Idubbbz’s creator clash, and seeing her friends fight in the ring, Hofstetter revealed on Twitter that she was interested in taking a dive into the world of boxing.

“Since the boxing match I’ve been curious what it’s like to fight somebody lol.. I’m 5’3.5” 105 pounds who wants to beat me up” – Valkyrae

Following this tweet, many assumed that it was the typical influencer tweet when an event goes down and that it would be swept under the rug days after, but Hofstetter is proving that the tweet was one to be taken seriously by showing on May 18th that she’d gone to the gym and was learning how to box from an actual trainer.

However, the news just doesn’t stop with Valkyrae being interested in boxing, earlier in her stream she revealed that along with her own interest in boxing, other people have shown their interest in boxing her.


“i just kinda peaked interest, I’m not not, I did not confirm to any fighting event, i did not, have i been asked to a few? yes i have been asked to a few different boxing events already, but i kinda wanted to just do some training to see if  I would like it in the first place, and I do like it. I have peaked, peaked interest, I havent stopped thinking about it.”


As for which events have already contacted her, that question is still unanswered but one can only assume that Idubbbz has already taken his shot in order to secure Rae for his planned Creator Clash 2.